In Uncategorized on November 30, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Since coming to Fletcher, I’ve been surprised and bothered by the level of stress students carry around with them. For example, I’ve heard several people describe being unable to sleep because they were worrying about their assignments. (That is, they were too tired to work, but couldn’t sleep for worry.)

Stress is an inherent part of the Fletcher experience, but we shouldn’t just accept unhealthy levels of stress as par for the course. There are a number of proven cures: I can attest to exercise, close relationships, and (particularly) meditation, and I’m sure many people swear by therapy. Each of these things takes time, which we’re pressed for in the first place, but having “no time” to relax and collect ourselves is a falsehood. Obama has time to play basketball, and he’s the president.

Fletcher is rigorous, no doubt, but let’s not think that painful stress levels are normal, or somehow a badge of honor. We can treat ourselves kindly while still achieving our academic and professional goals.


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